SQL Saturday 358 – Albuquerque 2015 – Just Around the Corner!

SQL Saturday 358 - Albuquerque 2015

This will be the first time that I have had the opportunity to speak/present at SQL Saturday Albuquerque. I originally met some of the event’s organizers last year at the SQL Saturday #331 – Denver event back in September of 2014. As with most SQL Saturday events, I look forward to reconnecting to those who I have met previously and look forward to making new friends within the SQL Community.

For those that have not attended a SQL Saturday event, it “is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server”. If you haven’t done so, please register for the event here.

The other exciting part of this for me personally, is that I will have some family members attending my session.  They are there to provide their support and to observe what I mean when I say, “I am speaking at a SQL Saturday event.”  Who knows maybe they will want to attend other future SQL Saturday events to get more SQL training.

SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices

This is a topic that is a continual series on my blog. To date there have been four posts dedicated to this topic.  There are still some additional posts (3 – 4) coming in the near future.  As some people may not have the opportunity to attend the presentation, it is essentially a journey through a compilation of best practices in relation to scalable SQL Server Analysis Services cube design. From dimension design to SSAS engine internals we will explore SSAS multidimensional design patterns that will take you through steps to assist in getting SSAS cubes better optimized to better match the needs of your organization. My hope is that you are able to experience and have the following takeaways:

  • best practice design patterns
  • high level understanding of the SSAS internal engine and what role it plays
  • tuning techniques that provide performance gains
  • emphasis on the importance of solid multidimensional database design


I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Training on the T’s Session with Pragmatic Works.  The link to this webinar is available on the Past Events page.  I will have a more recently updated presentation, than the one done for the webinar.  I am always making adjustments to the presentation for more concise information with the intent to provide better examples and presentation content for those who attend the session.

SQL Community

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know new people in the SQL Community in Albuquerque.  I would encourage you if you are within reasonable driving distance, a short train or bus ride, or quick flight to register for and attend this event.  It will give you many reasons to want to attend future events and invite all of your SQL friends.


Alan Faulkner



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