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Video Title Publish Date
Azure Everyday – Data Migration Assistant (Assessment) 07/29/2018
Azure Everyday – What is Azure Data Warehouse? 06/20/2018
Exposure Data Audit – Locating Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in SQL Server 01/09/2018
Prerequisite Video 1 – Azure Data Factory – Create a Azure Blob Storage Account 04/17/2016
Prerequisite Video 2 – Azure Data Factory – Create a Azure SQL Server and Database 04/17/2016
Prerequisite Video 3 – Azure Data Factory – Prepare Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL Database 4/19/2016
Video 4 – Create Azure Data Factory 4/19/2016
Breakpoints with T-SQL 04/03/2016
SSAS Multidimensional vs. SSAS Tabular – Which One Do I Use? 01/12/2016
SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices 06/24/2015
Intro to Big Data Analytics 12/16/2014

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