I got my start in the technology field while I was working at an electronics wholesale company. At the time, I was an order entry clerk and exceled at it enough that the CEO of the company was trying to find something else for me transition into. I remember vividly on a hot summer day, he came out of his office and asked this very profound question…”you’ve taken computer classes right?” I think I stuttered and ultimately said “y-y-yes”. His response, “then good you are our IT department!” I knew at that moment that I needed to quickly get myself educated on ALL THINGS IT! As time passed and having several technical jobs under my belt, I continued to seek out something I could be absolutely passionate about. Ultimately I was introduced to the world of databases and knew I was onto something. As my knowledge grew the world of Business Intelligence was emerging. I had found my passion. My boss at the time stated, “you should get into BI!” I took his advice. I have worked in the wonderful world of business intelligence for about 10 years investigating, exploring, and researching various facets of data warehousing, big data, data analytics, and solutions architecture.

Now the rest of the story…

I am an IT professional with over 20+ years of progressive technical experience with managing, consulting, software development, data integration architecture, data warehousing, and business intelligence development projects. The focus of my work is to work closely with stakeholders to develop architecture frameworks that align with organizational strategy, processes, and IT assets. Specializing in Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing, database architecture, design and implementation, performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Professional experience spans across project management, consulting, development, testing, data integration, data quality, customization and support in major OLTP, Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Warehousing environments. Industry experience includes Banking, Education, Government, Medical, Retail, Shipping, Health Care, and Hospitality. My experience across disparate industries, applications, and tools assists in the efficient delivery of business data solutions that provide clients with the ability to deliver flexible and scalable data architectures that provide robust transactional and analytical capability.






  1. Alan,

    I’m not sure you remember me but I attended the “SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices” session at SQl Saturday 389 in Huntington Beach this last weekend as well as your precon with Ginger Grant. You worked with me a bit after your session and I was the guy that commented that you probably could do a whole precon just on “SSAS UDM best practices”.

    I just wanted to say I got a lot out of the sessions. The material was especially pertinent to me as I am in the process of convincing our execs that we need a proper Kimbal style data warehouse. Thank you.

    I was hoping that I could get the copy of the materials in your powerpoint slides if you don’t mind sharing.

    Also if a SSAS Best Practices for UDM (and tabular) ever does come to fruition, I truly think many would be interested and I’d definitely to attend.



    • Hiro,

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. I appreciate it. I am glad you got “a lot” out of the sessions. I have posted a PDF version of the slide deck on the Past Events page. It is next to the entry for 4/11/2015 – SQL Saturday #389 – SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices.



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