24 Hours of Pass – See You There!

24HOPPassSpeaking The last few hours of the countdown have begun!

Hello Fellow SQL Server Fanatics!  On June 24th, 24 Hours of PASS: Growing Our Community  will kick off.  SQL Server and BI experts from around the world will present a series of 24 live back-to-back 1-hour webcasts to deliver technical content on Microsoft Data Platform technologies. The event will provide best practices, expert tips, and demos, from new and up-and-coming speakers.




SSAS Design and Performance Best Practices
















This is a topic that is a continual series on my blog. To date there have been four posts dedicated to this topic. It is essentially a journey through a compilation of best practices in relation to scalable SQL Server Analysis Services cube design. From dimension design to SSAS engine internals we will explore SSAS multidimensional design patterns that will take you through steps to assist in getting SSAS cubes better optimized to better match the needs of your organization. My hope is that you are able to experience and have the following takeaways:

  • best practice design patterns
  • high level understanding of the SSAS internal engine and what role it plays
  • tuning techniques that provide performance gains
  • emphasis on the importance of solid multidimensional database design

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